7 Maltese Restaurants That Offer Up Awesome Children's Menus

Because the little ones deserve good food too

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Think of the children!

A lot of Maltese restaurants say that they're child-friendly (as in they'll allow kids in) but do they actually cater to them?

Also, tons of children's menus are bland and a little boring at times and if we (as grown-ass adults) expect good food, then why shouldn't the children we're dining with have good food too?

We sourced a list of restaurants that not only have menus for the youngsters, but do them really well. And no, we're not just talking about a portion of measly microwaved chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages.

Safe to say that even the pickiest of kids will approve of these.

1. Piccolo Padre, Sliema

If you want to enjoy a seafront restaurant with the kids then head over to Piccolo Padre.

Their kid's menu includes ricotta ravioli, mac 'n' cheese, penne with ham, mushrooms and cream, calzone, pizzas, baked salmon and a burger.

All dishes are under €6 too, so that's a nice plus.

2. Tal-Familja, Marsascala

This family-run eatery serves homestyle Maltese and Italian dishes in a charming atmosphere.

The kid's menu offers 1/2 grilled fresh fish, 1/2 grilled fillet, honey-glazed crispy beef, penne con panna and more.

Pretty gourmet for a kid's menu!

3. House Of Spice, Buġibba

The children's menu at one of the top Indian restaurants in Malta will make you want to steal food from your child's plate.

The little ones can grab a chicken korma, chicken Tikka Masala, fishcake burger, coley goujons and more.

4. Da Marina Cucina, St Julian's

Within the fancy walls of The Marina Hotel is Da Marina Cucina. They serve something for everyone... including kids.

The offering of the kid's menu includes delights such as grilled mini swordfish, grilled chicken escalopes and spaghetti with meatballs (to name a few).

5. Tal-Kaptan

Qawra, Valletta

Beef medallion with chips, seabass fillet with chips, grilled plain chicken breast, pasta and burgers are what appears on the children's menu of Tal-Kaptan.

6. Al Ponte, Mellieħa

Kids that dine at Al Ponte will be able to enjoy typical children's menu classics such as chicken nuggets and chips, fish fingers and chips, kiddies pizza and penne with tomato sauce.

Your little ones will be licking their little fingers and plate clean.

7. Sciantusi, Sliema

Sciantusi is a very popular Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Their menu for kids is simple but done well.

You can expect mini penne Napoli, chicken cutlet, chicken nuggets and fish fingers. All cooked with very fresh ingredients.

Tag someone with a lil one who'd enjoy any of the above...

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