8 Amazing Places To Get Your Spaghetti Fix In Malta

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If you're in the mood for a mouthwatering dish of spaghetti, you might end up feeling a little lost with all the great options in Malta. Between typical Italian restaurants and Mediterranean fusions, here are nine of our favourite places to satisfy your spaghetti needs.

1. Tosca

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Mellieħa's Tosca is one of the top restaurants on everyone's lists when it comes to Italian cuisine, and their seafood spaghetti is as photogenic as dishes get. 

2. Zero Sei Trattoria Romana

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The first proper Roman trattoria in Malta, with Italian cuisine made by Italians. In their own words, "la Carbonara è una cosa seria."

3. La Pasta Bistro

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With more than 40 years worth of experience and a name like that, this family-run establishment whips up a mean dish of spaghetti that's guaranteed to get you snapping away before you dig in.

4. ImPasta

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The first fully-fledged Pasta Bar in Malta, ImPasta serves fresh homemade pasta on a daily basis. Offering lunch and dinner, this is one of those vital visits for any pasta lover. 

5. La Cuccagna

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One of Sliema's most beloved family-run restaurants, La Cuccagna is a great place for anything from salads to ribs, but the spaghetti dishes they have are the stuff of review legends. 

6. Tmun

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If you're heading up to Gozo but want to make sure you get a good dish of spaghetti, Mġarr's Tmun is where you need to go. It's also perfect for satisfying your seafood desires.

7. Ta' Tona

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Mġarr has a lot of great traditional hotspots for local food, and while there are a lot of restaurants to choose from (all within a couple of metres from each other), Ta' Tona is the perfect choice if you're in a large group in the mood to try something local.

8. Anciova 

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A proper Sicilian restaurant on the Gzira Strand, Anciova has a couple of impressive pasta dishes, including this carbonara di pesce.

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