Need A Perfect Plate Of Pasta? Here's Where To Get One In Malta

It's a carb-party!


There's nothing quite like a plate of pasta that will make you forget about any and every woe in your life. Children/pet problems? Forgotten. Can't find a job? Who cares. Your annoying neighbour getting your goat? Nothing will destroy this serenity.

Pasta brings peace. Here's where to find it:

1. Zero Sei – Valletta

This Roman-run little trattoria in Valletta (just opposite the Manoel Theatre) serves the most delicious and well-cooked pasta. Our tip – don't bother trying to choose between Amatriciana and Carbonara, go twice. 


2. Il-Ħnejja – Senglea

This unpretentious gem serves some to-die-for lobster ravioli. And the view's not bad either.


3. Sale e Pepe – St Julians

Beautifully presented plates of pasta with recipes that just hit the spot. We recommend trying the homemade whole wheat fettuccine with rabbit ragu if you want to go home happy.


4. Da Pippo's Trattoria – Valletta

A staple for many Valletta office lunch dos – this tiny restaurant is always packed with customers, and for good reason. You won't need to agonise over which dish to choose – the chef makes the decision for you. Just eat whatever you're given, trust us.


5. Osteria Ve – Birgu

If you want to visit the tiniest, cutest restaurant in Malta, head to Birgu. Their menu changes constantly but there's always a game-changing pasta dish on it. Book in advance! There are like six tables in total.


6. Il-Panzier – Gozo

A quaint gem hidden in the backstreets of Victoria. The setting is charming AF, you'll forget whether you're in Gozo or Sicily. The food is all delicious – but the pasta will have you rolling your eyes in delirious food-ecstasy. 


7. Manderaggio – Valletta

Another pasta gem in the capital. With great Italian food from Puglia, this place is perfect if you're looking for a pasta-place for a group


BONUS: Best Pasta Take-out & Delivery

Take-out: Pama Pasta Corner

A pasta bar with delicious fresh pasta which also caters to a vegan diet. Walk in to buy toilet bleach, walk out with a the best meal of your week.


Delivery: Eat Me I'm Famous

If you are dying for some awesome carb--loading but do not want to leave your house (you have the answer for why Malta's winning in the obesity race) then you're going to want to call up this place and order a 'maltese'. Delicious.


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