8 Reasons The Maltese Ftira Needs To Be Recognised By UNESCO As A Piece Of Global Heritage

Where would the world be without the glorious ftira?

Ftira Lovin Malta

The world in 2020 needs a hero, and that hero may very well be the humble ftira.

As the Maltese government moves forward with its bid for the Maltese ftira to be recognised as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, joining the list besides Peruvian Scissor Dancing and Ugandan Barkcloth Making, it's important to take a moment to appreciate just how awesome the simple ftira really is.

Here are eight reasons why UNESCO definitely need to recognise the Maltese ftira as an important cultural thing.

1. The holes of the bread catch all the flavour

Pictured above: Ftira holes catching flavour

2. And the general idea of bajd u bacon on a crispy ftira is everything

3. Speaking of crispy, have you ever slathered a toasted piece of ftira with butter? Literal heaven

4. And we haven't even got to ftira's most famous form: ħobż biż-żejt

5. It's scientifically proven to taste better by the beach... or on a boat, if you got it like that

6. And it can be cut into various shapes and sizes to be shared amongst your beloved

7. It's seriously affordable - ranging from mere cents to a couple of euros

But it can buy you ftira, which is pretty much the same thing

8. And best of all, you can taste Malta in every single bite

Cover image inset: Toth Szabina

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