9 Great Places To Have A Working Lunch In Malta

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With so many young professionals going freelance and more companies adopting a culture of remote working, lunch meetings have become a staple part of our working world - because everyone needs a meeting to finalise shit nowadays. 

Here's a list of work-lunch friendly places for when you need to sit down with a laptop and have a long chat.

1. Mint Cafe, Sliema

You've got a new client – rather than bombard them with dietary questions before booking a place for your working lunch, play it cool and go for Mint. This cute seaside cafe in Sliema caters for coeliac, vegan or people with lactose intolerance. Easy.


Free Wifi – yes
Easy parking – no
Book in advance – preferable
Acoustics – it's quiet enough
Service – super friendly


2. The Neighbourhood Cafe, St Julians

This brand new cafe attached to the super cute and well-located hostel Inħawi is perfect for an informal working lunch. Especially good for people working in the creative industry, this place is an as yet untapped jewel with nice food and good service.


Free Wifi – yes
Easy parking – mostly yes, if you park nearer San Ġwann than St Julians
Book in advance – not for now (maybe after this article comes out) 
Acoustics – it's pretty quiet but there is background music on 
Service – attentive but not to an annoying degree


3. Lulu Cafe, Tal-Ibraġġ

If your relationship with a long-standing client is on the verge of going sour, Lulu Cafe is the perfect place to sweeten them up. There's ample seating both inside and outside, the decor is uplifting and the people are as sweet as their delicious desserts. 

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – if you can fight off the yummy mummies you're good
Book in advance – no need
Acoustics – apart from the off screaming baby it's pretty silent
Service – friendly


4. Pure, Sliema

Pure have been a big reason juicing in Malta is a massive thing. It's always good to start with nourishing food to build a healthy working relationship. Sweet extra touches like comfortable bean bags as seating and free shots of juices throughout the day just add to Pure's overall serenity.

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – no
Book in advance – no need
Acoustics – quite silent
Service – super friendly


5. Costa Coffee, various

A chain? We hear you ask in protest. Yes! It's got comfortable, spacious, seating, it's got good coffee, and it's never going to let you down. Go for Costa if you're looking for a quick and reliable client-meeting location.

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – depends which one you're at
Book in advance – nope
Acoustics – quiet enough
Service – good enough


6. Creme Cafe at Yorkdale, Naxxar

With lots of outdoor and indoor seating, friendly decor, and even a nifty in-cafe bookshop this place is perfect for a quick brainstorming session with collaborators or long-term clients. 

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – yes
Book in advance – no need
Acoustics – quiet enough
Service – helpful and friendly


7. Irrera, Ta Xbiex

Easy parking, awesome views, very reasonable prices. Take your foreign client here and preface your meeting with a brief history of Malta whilst enjoying the view of Valletta across the marina.

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – hell yes
Book in advance – no way, there's loads of tables
Acoustics – quiet enough
Service – good


8. Taproom, Valletta

Taproom is the go-to place in Valletta if your meeting is more talk, less laptop. The food is top notch and the ambience is completely on point. Take a client there if you want to butter them up, but take note of prices beforehand to make sure you're ready to foot the bill. And if you are, you might want to end your day with one of their signature cocktails.

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – all the info you need is right here
Book in advance – yes
Acoustics – typical restaurant chatter
Service – friendly and knowledgeable 


9. Terrone, Marsaxlokk

Is your team in desperate need of an inspirational lunch? Score a 'Best Boss' mug this year and head down to Terrone. Good food and the gorgeous atmosphere will have your team so excited about their jobs they'll have written next year's business plan before the dessert course. 

Free Wifi – yes 
Easy parking – not on a Sunday!
Book in advance – yes
Acoustics – tranquil
Service – friendly


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