Best Places To Get A Delicious Mug Of Hot Chocolate In Malta

Just what the doctor ordered


With every change of season comes change of Saturday afternoon drink-based activities. In summer it's a refreshing spritz by the sea, autumn you're after a restorative coffee, spring it's a nutritious juice – but winter... winter's for hot chocolate.

Here's some of the best places to get some in Malta:

1. Molly's Cafe

A social media favourite – this cute cafe in Mosta serves a delicious hot chocolate and will even dress it up for the occasion!

Pair with: Their gorgeous Christmas pancakes – Mince Pie or Ferrero Rocher flavour. Wow.


2. Costa Coffee

If you're on the run and you need a convenient hot chocolate fix, Costa Coffee does not disappoint.

Pair with: A yummy salted caramel muffin. 


3. Posh Turkish

Do you just really feel like a thick one? Yup, we can relate. The new upmarket version of your late-night Turkish food-binge will sort you right out. Head down to Pama, people!

Pair with: Some home-made baklava!


4. Emma's Kitchen

Tiny marshmallows in hot chocolate just make you feel like a kid again. And hey, with that sugar-overload you'll be whizzing through your Christmas shopping like it's nobody's business.

Pair with: Any of the desserts of the day – they all look to die for (we're loving this gorgeous praline cake the best though...)


5. French Affaire

These guys take their hot chocolate seriously – they've got orange and cinnamon, pistachio, white nocciola, chilli pepper, and coconut flavour amongst others. 

Pair with: Their super-cute macarons. Yes please.


6. Talbot and Bons

These guys mix it up by adding a dash of coffee to your steaming mug of amazing. Why the hell not?

Pair with: Go crazy. Get a doughnut. 


7. Debbie's Cafe

Their hot chocolate is made with Nutella. There's literally nothing more to add.

Pair with: Triple chocolate or peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. Or even a slice of guten-free red velvet cake. #SomethingForEveryone


Anywhere we've left out? Let us know in the comments section on Facebook!

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