Think You Can Try 200 Whiskies In One Night?

The whisky fair in Valletta is offering you the chance.

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Whisky lovers will be spoiled for choice this month at the Malta Whisky Fair, which will showcase more than 200 whiskies to try for just a €50 entrance fee.

Ticket-holders will be given a glass on entry and then treated to an almost endless selection of whiskies from around the world. All of Malta's leading local suppliers will be exhibiting their best picks. They'll also be offering some super luxury ones at an extra charge. 

The two-day whisky celebration is being organised by the Wine Boutique Franks in the gorgeous surroundings of the Casino Maltese in Valletta between 18th and 19th November. 

Casino Maltese

Casino Maltese

The star guest will be whisky god Jim Murray, from the Whisky Bible, who will also be holding a whisky tasting (already sold out), and a masterclass (tickets still available at a charge of €75 which includes entrance to both nights). During the event, Mr Murray will be presenting his latest classification of World Whiskies.

Jim Murray

Several brand ambassadors from Glenfiddich, Kilchoman and Slyrs, will also be giving brief but comprehensive masterclasses relating to their brand.

Another special moment at the two-day fair will be the unveiling of the Kilchoman Primus Cask Whisky, the second in a series of limited edition single malts finished in a barrel of Marsovin Primus Wine, which is made in the tradition of Amarone wine produced in the Veneto region of Italy. 

This follows the success of the Kilchoman Guzé Cask - a whisky that Andrew Abela, General Manager at The Wine Boutique Franks, created in conjunction with Marsovin and Kilchoman Distilleries from Islay in Scotland. 

The juice was distilled in the tradition of the Kilchoman distillery and finished in a cask that had been used to age Marsovin Guzé wine in Malta. 

"This is not a Maltese whisky but since whisky takes more than 60% of its taste from the cask it is matured in, this is a Single Malt Scotch whisky with a twist - the taste of Malta," says Andrew Abela.

The Whisky Bible had allocated a total of 95.5 points to Kilchoman Guzé Cask, which is the highest mark given in its category from among more than 4,000 whiskies from Scotland and classifies as the best non-age Single Malt Scotch whisky.


Tickets are now available for purchase online.

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