Fancy A Sushi Feast At Home? Here's 6 Places That Deliver In Malta

Sofa sushi is the best

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Summer is at our doorstep – we're all either dying for the season to kick into gear, or already cursing the unforgiving heat. Either way, a night in with some gorgeous sushi is exactly what we need to compliment the warmer season.

If you're too comfortable on your sofa to head out for some sushi rolls, let the deliveries roll in from these places. 

1. Sako Sushi

This sushi haven is ideal for anyone who's dining-in alone, because minimum orders are only €13. Call +356 2138 2000 to get your hands on their yummy rolls.

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2. Yoshi Sushi House

This convenient Gżira establishment provides online ordering, or orders over the phone +356 9922 9877. You'll have buy at least €20 worth of sushi, but with their amazing selection of combo platters that won't be hard.

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3. Zest

If you're looking for a fancy indoors feast, you've got to call Zest (+356 2138 7600). Their selection goes beyond the convention with items like the Black Roll, made with cucumber, avocado, tomato, apple, cream cheese, black squid ink rice and pistachio concise. #Foodgasm

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4. Estilo

This place will sort you out if it's a late-night sushi-binge you're after. They do 24/7 delivery (+356 2135 9694) and their menu includes sharing sushi platters. So there's officially no way you can't satisfy your sushi craving. 

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5. Black Bull

If you fancy sushi but whoever you're eating at home with doesn't, then check out Black Bull's menu. Their sushi section is huge, but they have all sorts of food for anyone who doesn't want to join your sashimi party. Call them on +356 2137 7582.

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6. Medasia Fusion Lounge

Think a sushi night might make a perfect gift for someone else? Well Medasia will deliver a gift voucher to you in an hour – you can even order directly from Facebook. And of course, you can also add some of their delicious sushi to your order for yourself while you're at it. 

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7. Sakura Japanese Lounge

These guys will charge you a flat €5 delivery rate, but there's absolutely no minimum order limit. And they have a mixed platter for just €11.50 – perfect if you're still waiting for your pay cheque to come through. Call them on +356 2132 2886.

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8. Oro Lounge

If you're looking to impress someone with some sushi, Netflix and chill – Oro might be your best bet. For awesomely decadent sushi rolls call +356 2133 6607.

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