The Best Places To Get Ramen In Malta

Anyone one up for noodles?

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We all get cravings we just can't shake off, and ramen is one of those things you just have to have when it randomly pops into your head. 

If you're lost for where to go to satisfy that urge, here's a handy list of some of the best places in Malta for ramen.

1. MedAsia

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The Fusion Lounge at MedAsia boasts a very long and inclusive Japanese selection on its menu, with everything from nigiri to sashimi. But many would argue that their ramen is really where it's at. 

2. Wagamama

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The Maltese branch of the Asian-inspired chain restaurant delivers exactly what you'd expect and hope for from your ramen order. And we're all still quite excited about those long communal tables, short waiting times, and scribbling on place-mats.

3. Posh Nosh

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Japanese food is definitely much healthier than some of its western counterparts, but Posh Nosh in Sliema tries to take that concept one step further and offer even healthier dishes. Its noodles section has items to die for, and while it doesn’t come in the traditional bowl of soup, it more than makes up for it with those typical Asian food cardboard boxes. 

4. Okurama

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Never has a tagline worked even more than "International Taste" for Okurama, who serve anything from sushi platters to tapas. But if it's ramen you're after, Okurama has got you covered with its Japanese menu – its Yaki Udon is definitely a highlight.

5. Master Wok

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This Mellieħa restaurant may be actually Chinese, but as with many Asian-fusion eateries in Malta, it does delve a bit deeper into other slightly related types of cuisine. Its noodle-soup combo comes as close to a ramen replacement as you could wish for – score!

6. Wasabi

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Wasabi's udon noodles in seafood soup is only €6, but it packs one delicious punch that'll have you wanting more, and considering permanently relocating to Tokyo.

7. Hugo's Deliveries

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With Asian, Indian, Sushi and Soup menus, Hugo's Deliveries offers some of the most mouth-watering ramen on the island. Surprising absolutely no one. 


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Yep, you read that right! Earlier this week, the already incredibly successful KuYa announced that ramen is coming "very soon" to their menu, and we honestly cannot wait for this!

Which is your favourite place to get ramen (or the next best thing) in Malta? Tell us in the comments and tag someone who's up for some soup and noodles tonight!

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