Strait Street Has Its Own Craft Beer And It's Cheeky AF

Its branding is right up our street


Stretta is the latest craft beer to come out of Malta, more specifically, Strait Street in Valletta. The beer was only launched this month, but the ads for it are quite possibly our favourite Maltese branding exercise in 2016.

"The Best Head In Strait Street"

The man behind Stretta is John Borg Barthet – a devoted beer aficionado and passionate creator. He's spent the last two years busily devising and refining recipes for full-flavoured, easy-drinking craft beers. 

But it's his childhood years, listening to his dad's stories about growing up on Strait Street, that have influenced the product's branding (designed by Ed Dingli) and ad campaign (Blonde & Giant). Its a clever mix of naughty double entendres that speak of a place with colourful past, but which doesn't hide from its true nature.

"Even in my childhood, years after its decline, Strada Stretta’s connotations were still to be whispered and giggled about on the school playground. The reputation it so deservedly acquired as Malta’s starting point for drink and pleasure is where Stretta Craft Beer gets its inspiration."

"Unholy Water"

Borg Barthet has converted his own home into an industrious brew-lab where he meticulously brews and re-brews recipe after recipe in a search for harmony between different flavours and textures. 

The branding for Stretta also gives a nod to this personal love-story. It announces itself up-beatedly and unapologetically – Strait Outta Stretta. This beer is not trying to be anything other than what it is, much like anything else that's come out of Strait Street. And like everything else, it's what makes it so charming.

"Strait Outta Stretta"

If you would like to order a box of Stretta Craft Beer, just head to their website and go to the 'BUY ONLINE' section. You can also order one of their own branded beer glasses – another aspect to their image that we're loving. 

Cheers to another awesome new Maltese enterprise!

And here it is IRL...

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Tag a beer-loving friend and head on over to Valletta for a pint!

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