This New Restaurant In Valletta Is Already Off The Instafood Charts

Dinner in Valletta keeps getting better

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There's a new restaurant in Valletta that's already all the rage on Instagram. L'Artiglio (Italian for claw) is built within a freshly opened hotel on Melita Street called La Falconeria (Italian for falconry). 

The new eatery is run by young head chef Janine Camilleri, who has worked at top restaurants Guiseppi's and The Villa. This time, she's in charge. And she's changing up the menu everyday to keep using the freshest and most seasonal ingredients.

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L'Artiglio serves up delicious breakfast to hotel guests but is then open to the general public for lunch, dinner and drinks.

There are a few signature dishes that come and go with more frequency than others, like braised rabbit spaghetti, the steak tartare and the banana split dessert.

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And this beautiful octopus dish with nduja. No wonder people are raving on Instagram. 

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