Foodies Rejoice: One Of Sliema's Best Gastro Bars Is Opening New Restaurant In Isla

It's by a 24 time-award winning team, so you know it's going to be good

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After rising to fame late last year with its food-sharing concept, Hammett's Gastro Bar has now extended beyond its Sliema location and will be offering up delicious bites of dozens of different dishes in a new Isla restaurant.

Situated in a 16th century fortification, Hammett's Maċina Restaurant is, in its own words "a taste of history". Promising "a culinary representation of the island's succession of powers", the new restaurant has been going through a very successful 'pre-opening week'.

The restaurant embarked on a soft opening last week, and the reviews it's getting so far are all straight five stars. The new Senglea restaurant has shared its top three dishes so far, and they all sound and look ridiculously delicious. There's everything from scallops and sea bass to stracciatella di bufala on offer, and with zucchini, cucumber, falafel, and rutabaga puree on the ingredients list, this has got #FoodPorn written all over it.

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As 2017 came to a close, the new restaurant shared some shots from the lavish interior which will be waiting new customers this year. 

With unique trumped-inspired chandeliers to 1920s-inspired curved booths, the attention to detail can be seen in every corner. The teasers also included some mouthwatering shots of food tasting courtesy of restaurateur Chris Hammett, who has over a dozen awards under his belt.

Hammett's Gastro Bar in Sliema, which officially launched back in September 2017, offers up some of the best solutions for people who love sharing.  

A wide range of dishes - some big, some small - were all designed to be shared. Everything from lampuki tacos to grilled octopus tentacles are up on offer in Sliema, not to mention the must-try Korean wraps.

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