Malta Isn't Extra Enough, So A Marsaskala Restaurant Went And Put 5 Burger Patties On A Margherita

And somehow it's only €7.90


Pizzas often get topped with all types of unexpected food items - it comes with being an edible platter. There's pizza adorned with carbonara pasta, pizza adorned with a nacho bowl, and of course, pizza adorned with gold leaf.

But Bossteaks, a Maltese restaurant in Marsaskala, knows that's all amateur hour. Staying true to their namesake, as well as Malta's unspoken motto of going big or going home, they have rolled out the La Chilata pizza.

The pizza weighs in at a kilo... and that's not including the actual pizza

The 33cm pizza comes loaded with 1,000g of beef. 

Talk about gains. 

Some people see the new creation as a personal challenge

While others aren't even sure it's still a pizza

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