Malta Reacts: Starbucks Is Finally Coming To The Island, And The Announcement Had People Feeling All The Feels

From absolutely livid to joy-induced tears


The news that Starbucks is coming to Malta was announced just a couple of hours ago, but it's already managed to spread around the entire archipelago like wildfire.

From overly excited celebrations to grumpy party-poopers, here's how Malta reacted to the newest huge chain to hit our islands.

Many were overjoyed

But there were also those who complained...

... and those who complained about the complainers

Some are worried for local businesses

While others wasted no time to tell people what they think of Starbucks' coffee

Others prefer Maltese coffee shops

And some are even making predictions

Some went beyond the company's coffees

But others took this opportunity to request other brands to come to Malta

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Written By

Chiara Micallef