Pan Di Stelle Freakshakes, Bacon And Avocado Pizza, And A Whole Cereal Bar At San Ġwann's Newest Takeaway

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the #FoodPorn

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San Ġwann's newest takeaway is serving up some rather inventive takes on whole genres of your favourite foods.

Shakes N' Bakes is the latest eatery to be opened in Malta by Daniel Grech, and yesterday's launch saw the #FoodPorn haven set off to a great start.

It doesn't have any tables - but it has a wide-ranging menu serving everything from pizza to cereal to milkshakes to pastizzi to crepes - and Shakes N' Bakes doesn't end there.

You can find Shakes N' Bakes near the San Ġwann church, a few doors down from the police station

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The place is all about starting your day the 'traditional' way

Be it through your favourite American cereal

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Or a modern take on the classic Maltese pastizzi

(Yes, that's a Bounty Pastizz... just one in a range of chocolate pastizzi)

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They've also got an extensive sweet and savoury crepe list as well

From all the indulgent chocolates to things like chicken with Jack Daniels

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Bacon, egg, cheese and HP sauce

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If you haven't had enough dairy, go for one of their already infamous milkshakes

Well, freakshakes is more like it.

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Pan di Stelle milkshake? Yes please!

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Reese's peanut butter milkshake

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Shakes N' Bakes also has a creative menu that'll have you wondering what you're getting for dinner tonight... and tomorrow, and next weekend

There's the bacon and avocado pizza if you are feeling very Millenial

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As well as classics like Pepperoni and Capricciosa

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The pizzaiolo and crew are more than happy to cook up their interesting take on pizza - and food in general - for you

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