These 13 Photos Will Change Everything You Think You Know About Bebbux

Let's escargot

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Similar to horse and rabbit, snails (bebbux) are a traditional Maltese delicacy that can get very polarising. Whether you've been looking for a reason to be convinced into trying them or are just looking for your daily dose of craving, here are 14 mouth-watering Instagram shots of snail dishes around Malta.

1. Everyone is always a bit scared at first

2. But good plating makes everything better

3. And so do galletti

4. They can be seasoned in so many different ways

5. And the result is always amazing

6. Whether to share...

7. ... or a whole bowl for one

8. You won't regret learning a traditional recipe

9. Even though there's always room for a modern twist

10. You can never go wrong with zalza

11. But sometimes simple is better

12. Other times, more is more

13. And no matter how you prefer them

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