The 8 Best Places To Try Horse Meat In Malta

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While horse meat has created quite the international controversy over the last couple of years, back in Malta, it's just another traditional dish. Along with rabbit, horse meat is one of those traditional dishes that persistently manages to get raised eyebrows when spotted on a menu by tourists. Whether you're visiting the island and are looking for the best place to try out this delicacy or are a local trying to cross off all the best places, here are the eight most hyped restaurants to get horse meat in Malta:

1. Horseshoe Bar

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With a name like that, it's no surprise that Mosta's Horseshoe Bar makes it on the list. Bonus points for the very strong equestrian theme all over the establishment's interior.

2. New Life

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If you want a good plate of horse meat, you're going to want to go on a slightly longer drive. New Life in Baħrija is one of those places that will make the drive definitely worth your time.

3. Tal-Majjistra Eat House

It honestly feels like Mġarr is where they keep most of the good horse meat in Malta, and Tal-Majjistra is one of the most popular restaurants there. Situated right next to the Parish Church, Tal-Majjistra is a pet-friendly eatery specializing in fresh fish caught daily, Maltese rabbit, and, you guessed it, horse meat.

4. Ta' L-Ingliż

Like many of the restaurants in this list, Ta' L-Ingliż is a go-to place for anything traditionally Maltese, and while its fenkatas (a meal with rabbit dishes) are the stuff of perfectly-rated reviews, its quail and horse meat also come highly recommended.

5. Ta' Soldi

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It's getting harder and harder to find a Maltese person who has never heard of Ta' Soldi. Situated a couple of corners away from the Mġarr village centre, this is a winner for anything from Sunday lunch with the family to a random weekday night with your friends. And of course, horse meat is consistently on the menu.

6. Il-Barri

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Il-Barri has recently undergone a drastic refurbishment and modernization, but the menu is just as traditional as ever, and this is another restaurant that is always one of the first to be mentioned in conversations about rabbit or horse meat.

7. North Country

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Right across the street from New Life in Baħrija, North Country is another one of those restaurants that will have you work up an appetite by the time you get there, and then make sure you're extremely satisfied by the time you exit. 

8. Mġarr United

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Where most of the best places to get horse meat in Malta tend to solidly stick to their traditional roots and barely have any online footprint, Mġarr United represents a newer generation of traditional Maltese food and the way it's marketed and presented. Serving some dishes in ceramic pots and also experimenting with other dishes likes burgers, this is what the future of traditional Maltese cuisine might look like.

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