Here Are 7 Ways To Celebrate World Chocolate Day In Malta

Because it's never a bad time for dessert

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Photo: Baked

Happy World Chocolate Day everyone! To join in the fun and celebrations of this most delectable holiday, here are seven places where you can get seven amazing chocolate treats.

1. The Legendary Chocolate Pancakes from Shoreditch

For when you need something light and diet-friendly.


2. Brownies Topped With Whiskey Roasted Almonds from Baked

How do you improve Brownies? Add Whiskey of course.

Baked Whiskey Almonds Brownies

3. This Triple Chocolate Cake from Matilda's

Chocolate sponge, covered in chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate rings. Because who needs the gym?

Matilda Triple Choc Cake

4. Hot Chocolate And Macarons from French Affaire

They've got every flavour of hot chocolate you can imagine, and little bite sized Macarons to go with them. So cute!

Hot Chocolate With Macarons

5. Valrhona Chocolate Mousse From Margo's

Rich, Light and Elegant. Everything you won't be after eating all this chocolate.


6. Oreo Milkshakes From Jalies

Do we even need to give you a reason to go get one? Just look at them.

Oreo Milkshake

7. Raw Chocolate Bars From Theobroma Raw Cacao Collective

And finally if you're looking for something a little bit more organic.


So eat your heart out, and send us a pic!

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