How To Make A Gozitan Ftira Straight Out Of Last Century

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Maltese people are famously very passionate about food, and we've got a lot of traditional recipes which have stood the test of time. When it comes to tiny Gozo, the ftira is where it's at. Well, if you were wondering how this little piece of foodie heaven was made, you can now learn how to make your own!

In a Facebook post by Served Magazine, the 100-year-old recipe for Gozitan ftajjar was broken down for users to emulate, and the result looks mouth-watering.

Here's what you need (and what to do):

  • Bread dough

This is arguably the most important ingredient. If it's fresh, leave it to rise for as long as possible (we're talking at least two hours). The dough is quite elastic, so it needs to be managed "gently and respectfully". Apparently, the best way is to use your hands and let it rest for a few minutes before stretching it again till a round pizza shape is formed.

  • Thinly sliced potatoes

Place these at the base to add that crispy element while also serving a more practical purpose. Served Magazine explain how the potatoes also soak up the juice from the toppings and allow the base to bake beautifully.

  • Whatever ingredients tickle your fancy!

This is the fun part. Scatter the base with anything you'd like your Gozitan ftira to have. The most popular ingredient is of course the ġbejniet, Gozitan cheeselets which have put the island on the foodie map. Other common ingredients for ftajjar include eggs, anchovy tomatoes, olives, capers and onions. Of course, don't forget the very generous helpings of seasoning and olive oil to make the whole thing truly Mediterranean. For a traditional (and sweet) deviation, try dusting the base with sugar and scattering sesame seeds. Yum.

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