7 Awesome New Bars To Check Out In Malta In 2017

Time to make up for some of 2016's fallen venues

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With so many new venues and bars opening (or in some cases re-opening) their doors, it's already shaping up to be a very promising year for Malta's alternative nightlife scene. 

Whether you're looking for a quick weekend brew or a long night out, here are some cool bars that should be on your radar in 2017.

1. Hole In The Wall

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After its grand-reopening in late 2016, the 1920s bar proved it's back with a bang and doesn't plan on going anywhere. A cosy hangout for the upcoming cold months and a perfectly placed bar for those summer nights in Sliema, Hole In The Wall has Potential Top Bar of 2017 written all over it. 

2. Stanjata

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One of the trendiest cafes around, Stanjata has technically been open for a couple of months now. But with its relatively low-key atmosphere and amazingly good food, 2017 might very well be the year for this start-up cafe to get its well-deserved big break.

3. Chalet

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Yep, you read that right. The legendary Chalet is coming back to Sliema, and it's kicking 2017 off in style from the get-go later this month. Not that we needed another reason to head on down to Sliema this year, but it does seem like we're getting a couple all at once!

4. Rumors

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Once the Pieta' Boċċi Club, Rumors is quickly shaping up to be the 2017 spiritual successor of places like The Funky Monkey and Coach & Horses before it. Already used for a handful of gigs and a New Year's Eve party, Rumors is getting strong traction from the alternative scene, which will probably be migrating there this winter. 

5. Chalice

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Another bar / lounge that's been around for a while, Chalice has got some big plans for the year ahead, and looks poised to be one of the places to be in 2017. The jazz-age hangout in St. Julian's aims to deliver a premium bar experience with private hosts and hostesses for certain tables, and their cocktails are sure to be the talk of the town this summer. 

6. Blue Bar

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Last October, we ran a story about how Blue Bar is back with a fresh new look. With its serious rebranding and complete overhaul in both building and menu, the new and improved Blue Bar still boasts good old Challie at the helm of it all, and is a sure winner for the year ahead. 

7. The Brew

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The bar in Sliema opened its doors a few months ago, but they've only just started serving their craft beer, which they've brewed in-house in their iconic copper decor. So your bar bucket-list should definitely include a stop at The Brew.

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