Malta's Newest Food Truck... And It's Tacos Baby!

Hombres, this shit good.

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If you're bored of the same old sandwiches and salads for lunch, Malta's newest food truck has just the perfect antidote: lots of delicious Mexican treats. Avotaco is not only a great pun; it's also a food truck that's serving up the perfect lunchtime snacks.

Parked in San Ġwann, on the Taż-Żwejt hill just before you head down into the industrial estate, Avotaco has a selection of tacos, burritos and quesadillas, as well as a number of sweet options too for dessert.

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Pork taco - get in ma belly

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Chicken burrito served with delicious nachos

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Choose your poison

The prices are also great. Two jam-packed tacos and a drink will set you back €7.95. All the burritos are sold for under €6 but you can add €2 to get a drink and a portion of some of the best nachos in the business.

If you're used to hard taco shells, it's good to point out that these are served in the softer variety, which makes them so much easier to eat. You'll have to rely on the fresh veg for the crunch though.

Run by Andre Camilleri (aka Ace) and his friend Michael Galea (aka Mixu), Avotaco is already selling out almost every day so it's best to call them with an order rather than leaving it to chance. There's nothing worse than a Mexican craving left unsatiated.

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Plus, their truck is adorable

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