30 Minutes Or Less: Sliema's Newest Three-Course Menu Promises To Do Just That

And it'll only cost you €15!

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Sliema's culinary scene is as diverse and fast-changing as the people who work there. Hammett's Gastro Bar, despite just being shy of one year, has already made a name for itself in the local restaurant scene, and is now changing it up once again.


With a focus on the working community in Sliema, Hammett's Gastro Bar is looking to reinvent the lunch hour with a new offering, The Gastronomer's Quickie.

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Built around the premise of being served in under 30 minutes, Hammett's Gastro Bar is promising a delicious alternative to your boring boxed work lunch in the form of a three-course meal all for the price of €15 - and we got the chance to try it out!

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Kicking off with tasty and refreshing pico de gallo bruschetta and a drink of your choice, the meal opens up with a selection of great main courses (including some mouthwatering vegetarian options). Chicken chow mien noodles, roasted chicken breast with parsnip puree, and tomato risotto are just some of the dishes available.

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We tucked into a tomato risotto, made with roasted tomatoes, sun-blushed cherry tomatoes and basil to create a rich and creamy Mediterranean dish. We also got the chance to sample twice-cooked pork belly sitting on a bed of pok choi, drizzled with delicious pureed butternut squash and topped with crispy chicharrón.

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Of course, no three-course meal is complete without some tantalising dessert. To round off their Gastronomer's Quickie, Hammett's is offering a variety of pick-of-the-day ice-cold sorbets - we went with a cool passionfruit and mango pairing.

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And we got our meal in just under 30 minutes - are you ready to put them to the test too?

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