This Restaurant In Attard Is Perfect For Coeliac And Lactose Intolerant Pizza Lovers

And it's got everything else too

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Sometimes it feels like a new pizzeria opens every other day in Malta. And yet, it's virtually impossible to find a good place that takes the poor coeliacs and those cursed with lactose-intolerance seriously.  

Thankfully, one restaurant in Attard has made this part of its manifesto. According to its Facebook page, Wood and Coal is run by an award winning pizzaiolo Gilbert Portelli who has "given a new taste to traditional, gourmet, and gluten free pizzas by combining a mixture of grains and seeds to obtain a full bodied, yet lighter pizza".

Sounds good, right? It is. The dough is fluffy AF, crispy on the crust and insanely delicious. And there's none of that gooey aftertaste so typical with gluten-free products. This is really impressive. And definitely among the best gluten-free pizzas on the island. This Bologna pizza, with pistacchio pesto and mortadella was €11, which I thought was fair. 

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But it's not just pizza that is being offered by Wood & Coal. The large restaurant also has an extensive menu, featuring every kind of meat imaginable, gourmet burgers, a variety of pasta and lots more. Again, everything seems to be available gluten or lactose free at no extra charge. Isn't that awesome?

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The restaurant is in Triq iż-Żgħafran, quite a busy main road in Attard, which means that the entrance isn't too enticing but parking is not a problem. Once you're inside, the decor is pretty basic but the friendly staff will make you feel very comfortable.

Wood and Coal is open for lunch and dinner, plus it accepts takeaways. It's quiet around lunchtime so it's a great place to get some privacy for a business meeting or a laptop date. It's also perfect for larger groups, especially if you've got a few coeliacs and lactose nerds among you. 

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Chris Peregin