The 15 Best Value For Money Restaurants In Malta

As voted by the people, and definitely for the people

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Two months ago, we asked you to vote for your favourite restaurants, in a collaboration with the Definitive(ly) Good Guide. One of the categories announced in September was the Best Value for Money Restaurants one, with thousands of votes pouring in from all over Malta.

Remember, this is "value for money" and not "cheap" we're talking about here, so if an expensive restaurant delivers everything it promises and more, then it still made it on the least, that's what the people who voted believed! 

Without further ado, here are the top 15.

15. Marina Club VW


Kicking the list off in style with this gem on the Valletta Waterfront.

14. Shoreditch


With all the hype it got in 2016, it's a no-brainer that this Paceville bar and restaurant makes the list. 

13. Tosca Restaurant


The Mellieħa pizza / pasta / grill combo gets a lucky number 13.

12. Vecchia Napoli


Of course one of Malta's most favourite pizza places makes it on the list. Fun fact, both the original Sliema and the more recent Skyparks addition made it on the list as separate entries, but the original waterfront one was just a coupe of places higher. 

11. The Villa Brasserie 


The Balluta Bay venue that deserves an award alone for the view!

10. Tarragon


The St. Paul's family-style restaurant that's been getting rave reviews and mentions lives up to its reputation by opening the Top 10 list.

9. Redwhite


The only thing more gloriously Maltese than this Rabat lounge's name is that beautiful view from the terrace.

8. Sepia


The very definition of value for money, this "multi-cuisine" restaurant in Marsascala is open every day except on Mondays.

7. Trattoria AD 1530


A great place for anything from relaxed family lunches to romantic dinners, this restaurant in Mdina definitely deserves its spot.

6. Suruchi Indian Restaurant


With an impressively long list of awards amassed over the last two years, the St. Julian's home for authentic Indian food just about misses the Top 5. But with free delivery to all of central Malta, be sure you don't miss it!

5. La Capanna


We're back to Marsaxlokk, this time to celebrate the best that the fishing village has to offer. Located literally on Xatt is-Sajjieda, here's where thousands of people agreed you need to go if you ever found yourself in the picturesque South.

4. La Buona Trattoria del Nonno


Just reading that name fills our hearts with warmth and joy - the photo was just an awesome overkill. To experience this goodness overdose firsthand, St. Paul's Bay is where you need to go!

3. Mamma Mia


If it's value for money we're talking about, then the Top 3 restaurants shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. Slowly yet very steadily standing the test of time is of course the Ta' Xbiex outdoor-queue-inducing Mamma Mia.

2. The Avenue


Even less of a surprise, and standing the test of time just as well. These Christmas Holidays, if your workplace is organizing a dinner and it's not at Mamma Mia, it's probably going to be at The Avenue.

1. iPlace


We've just realized that a whole fifth of this list is made up of restaurants in Marsaxlokk. This Internet cafe first opened in 2010 as Southeast Restaurant, and continues to live up to its newer name with its personalised TV screens and 150 iPads for not only viewing the menu and choosing your order, but also to play on (whether you're a kid or, like us, a technophile). iPlace has been winning Definitive(ly) Good Guide Awards for two years now, snatching not only this award before, but also the Most Children Friendly Restaurant in both 2014 and 2015. With the way things are going, it seems like it might very well keep its dominance in the near future! 

Did your favourite restaurant make it on the list? Tell us in the comments and tag someone you know who would like to try all of the above out!

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