One Of Malta's Premier Chefs Is About To Redefine Gastropubs In Malta

All your favourite food and drinks under one roof


One of your favourite weekend hangouts just levelled up: the kitchen at Ryan's Pub in St. Julian's has been taken over by the Daniel Grech, one of the men behind Shoreditch and a ton of Maltese food porn.

And now that one of Malta's favourite chefs will be handling the cuisine at one of Malta's favourite hangouts, you are even more spoilt for choice than ever.  

"We want to create a proper food scene at this location," says Daniel Grech to Lovin Malta. "We'll be pairing beers with burgers, and we'll be offering different burgers than you find in other restaurants. In fact, the atmosphere will be quite different. It will still be relaxed, but it'll change into a gastropub after 11:30, at which point you can enjoy a good drink, watch a game, and nibble at the bar or order xeba food."

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But Daniel, as with all things he is involved with, wanted to do something a bit different. 

"Our short rib donuts are already a hit, as are our sweet potato fries with parmesan, icing sugar, and truffle and pork crackling," says Daniel.

And how could we forget the alcohol-infused desserts.

"We've got Kraken Creme Brulee - isn't Kraken an amazing spiced rum? - as well as a baileys and chocolate chip cookie mousse," says Daniel.

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"One of the things we want to focus on the most is our fish n' chips," continued Daniel. "There are only a few places that do real fish n' chips in Malta, and we are going to use real fresh cod, proper Yorkshire ale beer for the batter, and we're going to serve it with curried mushy peas as well as a mini-vinegar spray bottle so you can spray you fish n' chips with vinegar as you please," he said. "It's going to be different," he laughs. 

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And of course, since it's Daniel Grech, after you've had nibbles, burgers, dessert, fish n''s time for more dessert, just like this white chocolate, rum, and blueberry panna cotta

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Daniel Grech has only recently taken over Ryan's kitchen, so if you haven't been in a while, you've just got another excuse - and don't worry, you won't be judged if you order seconds (or thirds) for dessert.

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