These 7 Places Are Taking Pancake Day In Malta To A Whole New Level

Thank God for Shrove Tuesday

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In one last amazing attempt to consume the sweetest treats possible before Lent kicks off, these Maltese establishments will be helping you take Pancake Day 2017 to a whole new level. Buckle up and get those taste buds ready for a mouthwatering ride.

1. An old favourite with new surprises

Shoreditch has become an icon for over-the-top pancakes that take Facebook by storm, so it's no surprise that they plan on turning it up to eleven for this special day.

The place is usually closed on Tuesdays, but in an announcement last week, Shoreditch declared that they won't only be open this Tuesday for Pancake Day, but will also have a long list of old favourites alongside new pancakes, "lots of amazing vibes, and sexy waitresses". 

Apart from the pancakes, Shoreditch have teamed up with Nitro Scoop. Malta's molecular duo Eddie Bonello and Sean Xuereb Conti will be offering Nutella and Vanilla ice cream made to order in less than 50 seconds by using liquid Nitrogen, frozen at -196°C

2. All the specials you could ever want 

Molly's Cafe is celebrating its fourth Pancake Day with a bang, adding a long list of specials. While some of these new pancakes will be making their debut on Tuesday and will then be added to Molly's everyday menu, others will only be available on Pancake Day. Use the day wisely (by ordering one of each).

3. Pancake week bargains

For a whole week, Cafe' Cuba will be offering a two-for-one on all their pancakes. Talk about next level celebrations. 

4. Pancakes gone rogue 

The Pancake Hut will be relocating to a secret venue on Tuesday, so keep your eyes on their Facebook page for announcements on the day. Just a heads up if you want to figure it out before they officially share it; the location is apparently the most requested one ever on their page.

5. Next-level celebrations with 20+ pancakes

Pancakes are one of Cafe Santa Lucia's specialities, and with over 20 pancakes to choose from, Pancake Day is the perfect opportunity to try one (or five) out. 

6. Free pancake delivery for everyone

Adding a new apple and cinnamon pancake would've already been enough, but Becky's plans on taking it one step further by delivering pancakes all around Malta all day, free of charge. Just in case you wanted your cheat meal to be as lazy as possible, Becky's has got you sorted. 

7. Pancakes + Cisk, because yes 

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We've already freaked out about this amazing story a couple of days ago, and Pancake Day is your last (and best) opportunity to try out this insane combo. 

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