These Are The 6 Best Chefs In Malta

Thousands of people can't be wrong...

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The Definitive(ly) Good Guide 2017 Awards are back, and according to the people who voted in this year's surveys, these are the best chefs around the island.

6. Chef Malcolm Mifsud

Malcolm Mifsud

This Harvard University graduate is the Head Chef of Capistrano Restaurant, where he prepares everything homemade. His knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine is probably why Capistrano constantly ranks highly in other categories. 

5. Chef Edward Diacono

Edwad Diacono

Rubino's Head Chef got announced as one of the best in Malta during his birthday week, so that's definitely a double-whammy celebration for him!

4. Chef Donald Baldacchino


You can't expect to have your restaurant constantly topping lists and not have your chef making waves. Enter Donald, the man behind the food at iPlace.

3. Chef Joseph Debono


La Capanna's award-winning seafood Marsaxlokk restaurant gets to firmly stay on the map not only for its service and its value for money, but also thanks to Head Chef Joseph Debono. 

2. Chef Marvin Gauci

Marvin Gauci

We've already covered how awesome Chef Marvin Gauci and his international exploits are. There's never a dull moment for Gauci, and if you're the Head Chef at Tarragon, Caviar & BullBuddhamann, and the person behind Dinner in the Sky, you know you're going to eventually make every possible food-related list there is in Malta.

1. Chef Kevin Bonello


So what does it take to top all of the above? Well, ask Kevin Bonello. He's the Chef de Cuisine at The Xara Palace Relais & Châteaux, and his plates are to die for. 

Chapeau Chef!

Do you know a chef who you think has what it takes to make it on next year's list? Tell us in the comments below!

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