7 Brunch Places In Gozo That Will Satisfy Your All Your Morning Cravings

Hangover paradise

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Waking up from a Gozo night out is never easy, so we've tried to ease the pain by compiling a list of awesome breakfast and brunch places that'll help to take the edge off.

Tip: if you're too foggy to even navigate, head towards Victoria. That's where you're going to find most of these awesome brunch spots.

1. Cup Cake – Victoria

If you want your delicious greasy breakfast wrapped up into one ftira, this is the place for you. 

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2. Coffee Break – Victoria

Whether you're after a full English breakfast, or a simple croissant – Coffee Break will definitely deliver on the yumminess. 

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3. Ta' Saminu Bakery – Xewkija

Head to this wholesome bakery for some freshly baked Gozitan goodness. There's no better way to start your day. 

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4. Green Mood - Victoria

For a vegan/vegetarian brunch you've got to head into the centre. It'll be worth the drive.

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5. Saint Patrick's Hotel – Xlendi

If you're looking for a posh brunch experience, go for the pretty Saint Patrick's Hotel. You'll have to get there before 10am – so make sure you don't don't overdo it the night before. 

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6. Black Cat Cafe – Victoria

Quirky, quiet, and delicious. This hidden gem is a absolute breakfast-must.

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7. Cafe Jubilee – Victoria

Cafe Jubilee is an institution in Gozo. You're never going to go wrong with brunch at this old school fave.

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Do you have your own favourite brunch spot in Gozo? Let us know in the comments section!

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