12 Great Places To Get Brunch In Sliema And St. Julian's

There's no business like brunch business

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If you're around the Sliema / St Julian's area (and are too late to enjoy an amazing breakfast) you might want to hit up a few of these places for a tasty brunch and a cheeky chat with some friends. Here's a guide to some of the best places to get your brunch fix.

1. Mint

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Mint is the place to be as soon as the sun rises. Offering fresh, homemade and healthy food right on the Sliema promenade, this place screams brunch hangouts.

2. Cafe' Cuba

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Cafe' Cuba offers great burgers and salads, but their brunch options are definitely something you need to look into.

3. Fresco's Cafe

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The first thing you'll find when you search for Fresco's Cafe is a hall-of-fame collection of reviews dating all the way back to 2011. This terrace promenade establishment serves up a mean brunch, all mixed in with a killer panoramic view.

4. NAAR RestoBar

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As the name implies, this delightful eatery offers the perfect blend of fine dining and chilled late morning indulgences. Located bang in the middle of Balluta Bay, NAAR has also recently added a whole host of vegan options to their new menu, making it one of the hottest new places to try out.

5. U Bistrot

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Promising to "always [be] fresh and friendly", this great brunch haunt is also located in Balluta Bay, just a couple of metres down the road from NAAR. Sounds like an excuse for a double tasting experience!

6. Il Buco

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This Mediterranean restaurant in St. Julian's wants to be your number one choice as "a hideout for anyone looking to grab a tasty meal or snack at any time of the day". 

7. Caffe Portomaso

Earlier this month, Caffe Portomaso closed for refurbishment. However, when it eventually reopens its doors, it's definitely going to jump back up the ranks of many people's favourite places for brunch.  

8. Bocconcino

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Remember NAAR and U Bistro? Bocconcino sits snugly between the two, and serves breakfast... all day long! If you'd like to mix it up a bit for brunch, Bocconcino also has a wide variety of snacks, from wraps and baguettes to salads and pizza.

9. Waterbiscuit

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Just down the road from Eden Cinemas, Waterbiscuit more than makes up for its slightly pricey dishes by offering an insanely good gastronomic experience. They offer an a' la carte breakfast from 8 to noon every day, where you can mix and match items to really start upping your brunch game in style.

10. Il-Gabbana

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Throughout the years, il-Gabbana has made maximum use of Sliema's beautiful views and Malta's great weather, gradually becoming a place that sees a healthy influx of people at pretty much any time between nine in the morning to midnight. But with its recently-revamped menu, the best time to treat yourself and grab a few rays in the process, is for brunch.

11. New York Best

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It's tough (and quite frankly criminal) to mention great places for brunch in Sliema and St. Julian's and not mention New York Best, which actually has two branches in the area. NYB might have gained nationwide popularity thanks to its incredible burgers, but it's also got quite a vast selection for breakfast, lunch, or anything in between. Now also nun-approved.

12. Shoreditch

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Somewhere in that delicious chocolate is a pancake

Don't worry, we weren't going to forget this one. 

One of Malta's biggest internet hits and a massive contributor to the country's #foodporn uploads, St. Julian's Shoreditch opens at 10am...right on time for brunch and a quick Instagram flex.

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