Things You Can Do With Panettone Once Christmas Is Over

You know you're going to have at least two whole boxes left over

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Panettone – you either love, or really hate. But no matter your feelings, one truth uniquely persists – people give it to you at Christmas. A lot of it.

As a result, come boxing day your house is stacked full of panettone boxes. Maybe that's why it's called Boxing Day (it isn't actually, here's the reason). So we're here to help you get some of that stale, dry, oversized cake-thing out of your life (I guess you can tell where I stand on the love-hate spectrum).

1. Make toast with it

Treat yourself to a cholesterol laden breakfast on Boxing Day by turning your dried panettone into lovely, juicy French Toast. Try this delicious recipe from Nigella Lawson which pairs the toast with pomegranate seeds. Very yum indeed.

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2. Make bread and butter pudding

This is perfect for if you've still got some Christmas entertaining to do. Jamie Oliver has a delicious recipe described as a total "showstopper". Get ready to rip up that panettone and mix it in with chocolate, marmalade and custard. Yes, we agree with this version.

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3. Make Panettone Truffles

If you air more on the I-don't-really-enjoy-the-taste-of-panettone side, then turning them into chocolate doused truffles will be perfect for you. Have a look at this amazing-looking recipe from Yummly. It's really simple to follow as well. #bonus

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4. Make it a savoury dish

Panettone panini with prosciutto and mozzarella – need we say more? This is your Boxing Day lunch sorted (not that you're wanting for leftover food...). Its sweet and salty combo will have you converting to the panettone-love side and even hoping your friends will give you more next year.

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5. Turn it into a trifle

If you really don't want to work hard, just turn your panettone into a trifle and you're laughing. This gorgeous-looking recipe from the Yuppie Chef is super easy to make. Take it over to nanna's house for tea – the "kemm inti brava/u" factor will be off the charts.

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6. Re-gift it

Wait, there's still that class of '96 Christmas reunion dinner that no one could make before Christmas day so got planned for after. Panettone pay it forward – done.

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