This Is Officially The Best Restaurant Toilet In Malta

You'll want to pop into the restrooms a couple of times

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The results for the 2018 Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants Awards are out, and they've already highlighted some of the best culinary venues in Malta and Gozo. They've also brought to light an interesting winner... the best toilet in Malta.

According to a number of surveyors' votes, the best restrooms in Malta can be found at Districtfive.

"We wanted to go one step further with our restrooms," Districtfive's managers told Lovin Malta. "We gave them the same level of attention to detail that restaurants normally give to their front of house."

And it sure shows. Unique ceiling-mounted faucets with electronic triggers are standard in these restrooms, and each sink looks more like a luxurious basin. Add a full marble finish, and the end result is as impressive as they get.

The whole thing was the brainchild of I+A design, and yes; that also includes the rest of the restaurant. Clearly, the guys over at Interaction and Architecture really do know how to spice up an establishment!

"Clients frequently come up to us saying they were perplexed when first walking in to our restrooms, because they're only used to seeing such restrooms in five-star hotels."

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Districtfive has only been around for less than seven months, but it's already one of the most highly rated eateries in Birżebbuġa. Districtfive is a bar and grill offering up everything from oriental platters to truffle burgers, and they're working with quite a large area.

The state-of-the-art restaurant also has a full-size Olympic Pool at the back, with an outdoor area perfect for those sunny Maltese afternoons. 

Whatever the guys over at Districtfive are doing definitely seems to be working, with people loving literally everything from the front door to the restrooms.

"We were stunned when we got the award," the managers told Lovin Malta. "This award usually goes to big hotel chains, so we weren't expecting our name to be at the top of the list!"

Districtfive also won the People's Choice Award for the best lively atmosphere and the best wine list, and seeing as it's only been open since this May, the sky really is the limit for this new restaurant.

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