This March You'll Think You Died And Went To Foodie Heaven

Pretty F*cking Good Toast meets NYB and Fat Louie's

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We've got some pretty fucking good news for Maltese foodies. Our man in London, toaster-extraordinaire David Darmanin, is planning a food orgy with the Diacono brothers, of New York Best and Fat Louie's fame.

Darmanin was in Malta last December, heading another pop-up collaboration between Lovin Malta, Stretta beer and Camarata in Valletta, where his toast sold out within four hours.

This time, things are being stepped up a notch. He's bringing his team to New York Best which will be laid out in an "open kitchen" style. And he'll be adding the trademark ingredients of NYB and Fat Louie's to his famous Pretty F*cking Good Toast.

There's also a fourth member in this collaboration: Barbuto, a Maltese brand of Sicilian-grown vegetables, producer of olive oil and other freshly sourced and lovingly curated dressings. 

The kitchen will open for dinner between 14th and 18th March but will also open for lunch on the 17th and 18th. 

Are you salivating already? Tag a friend who can share in the excitement.

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Chris Peregin