WATCH: This Is Officially The Most Expensive Burger In Malta

A burger truly fit for royalty

The most luxurious and over-the-top burger in Malta has officially landed. 

The Gold Wagyu burger features all the fanciest ingredients you've never ever actually tasted and combines them all together to create a cheeseburger that puts other 'most expensivest' burgers to shame.

The chefs at Shoreditch are behind this intense creation. Chefs Daniel, Ryan and Andre wanted to create something this island had never seen before - and judging from the ingredient list alone, they've probably succeeded.

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The burger is stacked with some of the finest ingredients on the market:

  • Japanese grade-5 wagyu beef 
  • White truffle aioli
  • Lombardy venison bresaola
  • Mimolette cheese 
  • Seared foie gras
  • Duck egg
  • White truffle shavings
  • Gold label sturgeon caviar
  • 24K gold leaf brioche bun

As if that wasn't enough, the burger is served with chunky fries triple-cooked in duck fat, and seasoned with gold dust, white truffle shavings and french butter. 

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Shoreditch will be serving the Gold Wagyu burger from this weekend onwards, and it comes with a €100 price tag.

You'll need to book one week in advance to try it - just enough time to order an embroidered handkerchief to wipe the gold dust off of your fingers after you've eaten like a 18th-century emperor. 

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