WATCH: We Just (Unofficially) Broke Malta's National Chicken Nugget Record And We Can't Feel Anything Anymore

No, we don't have an actual certificate. Yes, we still devoured over 200 chicken nuggets in 20 minutes

Foodies all over the Maltese islands were stunned / unimpressed / disgusted by the news that seven Mġarr men had just set the national record for most chicken nuggets eaten in the space of 20 minutes. And while 211 nuggets sound like a whole lot, we at Lovin Malta felt we could do better.

Taking to Facebook Live earlier today, we brought out 245 nuggets to try and one-up the philharmonic club Marija Mtellgħa s-Sema's record. Of course, we needed to keep some things constant, namely the seven people and the 20 minute time limit.

Since the previous record averaged out to 30 nuggets each person, we decided to go for 35 each. And so, Johnathan, David, Elsa, Steffie, Tim, Julian and Johann sat down at a nugget-filled table for a challenge straight out of our collective childhood dreams.

Spirits were high as the challenge kicked off, but it took a while for a dent to be made in some plates

Sure; if you're hungry enough and you have a huge plate of nuggets in front of you, you're definitely going to start by downing a big chunk from the get-go. Once you hit a wall, though, the going gets impossibly tougher, and while some walls were hit at 25 nuggets, others seemed to kick in much earlier.

Screenshot 2019 03 25 At 16 10 17

It's all fun and games until you realise you're 20 nuggets down and have another 15 left

In the end though, we managed to beat the record!

Yep; 227 nuggets later, with varying levels of empty plates in front of us and upset stomachs, we managed to beat the previously set record of 211.

A special shout-out goes out to our videographer Johann, who not only managed to exceed the 31 minimum / 35 maximum nuggets objective, but even took that number all the way up to an insane 40 nuggets. That's an average of a nugget every 30 seconds for 20 whole minutes.

And yes, it's not an official record, but that doesn't make us any less proud of our gastronomic accomplishment

So yeah; because there wasn't an official Malta Records judge in the room with us, we don't get to have a certificate to keep and frame.

But much like the smell of nuggets in the office and on our clothes, the 20 minute Facebook video will live on as a memory that, whether officially or not, we did end up eating more nuggets than those seven plucky gentlemen from Mġarr.

Screenshot 2019 03 25 At 17 23 34

Now if you'd excuse us, we're going to go crawl up in a corner and cry ourselves to sleep.

For the record, here's the original record-breaking video

Do you think your group of friends can beat our record of 227 nuggets eaten by seven people in 20 minutes? Tag them below and challenge us!

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