YOU VOTED: Malta's Favourite Doner Kebab Restaurants

The ultimate feel-good food

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Doner kebabs unite people all over the islands. There's nothing quite like the taste of that juicy meat packed into a doughy pita of heavenly goodness. It's uncanny how potent the healing powers of the kebab are – as soon as you bite into one, your problems melt away.

We asked our readers where they think the best doner kebabs can be found in Malta. Here's a countdown of the suggestions submitted. You might want to have a napkin handy. You know, for the drool...

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5. A four-way tie

Maltese kebab fans seem to be very much in tune with each other. A lot of the kebab places voted for got an equal amount of votes. So in fifth place we have: Moo's Kebab in Gżira, Millennium in Sliema, and Mashawi also in Sliema. It seems like Sliema might be the capital of kebabs in Malta. #represent


4. All the Sofras

We grouped two Sofas (Sofra Gżira and Oz Sofra Buġibba) together to bring them into in fourth place with another kebab institution – Hasan in Bkara. 

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3. Some like it posh

The third-most voted kebab go-to was Posh Turkish, the restaurant in Pama that serves upscale Turkish food, including the almighty done kebab. Nothing wrong with a bit of refinery with your feel-good food.

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2. Old school goodness

Mr Kebab was the runner in the votes for the best doner kebab place in Malta. This Buġibba institution has been open since 1998, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Thank f***. 

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1. A Lebanese triumph

The winner of the vote, and Malta's favourite place for doner kebabs was Kebabji – the Lebanese cuisine haven located in Sliema. This place has built a strong reputation for fresh ingredients and super tasty, authentic dishes. It's also ultra-vegetarian friendly – so it's fun for everyone!

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Do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments section!

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