11 Thoughts Every Student Has When They Realise Summer Is Over

When three months is still not enough.

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As the September clouds roll around, the slightly-less-boiling weather brings with it the dreaded feeling that summer is on the brink of ending. And as we're all painfully aware, when summer ends - school begins. Here are the thoughts that flood every student's mind as soon as this realisation hits:    

1. “Fuck.”


The first word that comes to your mind when you check the calendar. It's also the word you're gonna be repeating non-stop for the next nine months.

2. “How? I just finished exams!”


Wasn't I just puking in a bucket to celebrate the end of June's exams yesterday?

3. “I've wasted my whole summer”


I could have written a book, gotten super fit, taken up crochet. But no, instead I slipped into  a terrible sleeping pattern and a junk-only diet.

4. “Finally, I can quit my shitty summer job!”


Goodbye summer job I’ve hated ever since my first shift. Goodbye rude customers and/or hoards of students packed onto a boat to Comino.

5. “I’m not ready for this”

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With exam notes still scattered across your desk and no clue which lectures are up first, you are in no way ready to face the upcoming scholastic year.

6. “I'm not prepared for a 6:00am wakeup”

Alarm Clock

Whether you're bussing it and can't afford to be left stranded, or foolishly planning to park at uni, there's no avoiding that early morning wake-up call.

7. “I can do this, only 4 years to go”


Facing another year of boring lectures can seem daunting, but calculating the number of years until freedom will... well, probably make it a lot worse.

8. “I have an excuse to buy new clothes!”


You know you can’t be seen in the same outfits as last year!

9. “I don’t wanna waste all my money on photocopies and coffee again”


Seriously, my bank account and the environment are begging you to stop asking us to print everything out. The coffee... well that one's on us.

10. “I had a summer job. How am I still broke?"


As every night out you've had this summer flashes before your eyes, you're slightly less confused about the destination of your cash flow.

11. “At least I’ll constantly see my friends”

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The only way the scholastic year gets just a little bit more bearable.

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