7 Potential Names For Ira Losco's Baby

The youngest Eurovision star is almost here!

Ira Stewiie

We're gonna save you the cringe-fest that would be a 'breaking water not walking on it' joke, and cut straight to the part where we're excited AF for Malta's beloved singing sensation Ira Losco to become a mum.

Due literally any day now, Ira's alraedy let it slip that she'll be having a boy, so we came up with seven potential names for Ira's baby. You know, just in case she's been too busy with her new album to think of any.

1. Gianluca

If her duet with Gianluca Bezzina back in 2014 is anything to go by, the singing doctor would be thrilled to have one of her pets named after him - let alone her child. Plus he's basically Eurovision royalty, it's a cute name and the Maltese already love it.

Let Her Go And Chill

15 mins into "Let Her Go" and chill, and he gives you that look

2. Monty

We may not have done as well as we'd hoped in this year's Eurovision, but Montenegro did give us our only 12 points, so it's only fair to honour their contribution!

Thanks Gif

3. Felix

Ira has always strongly supported the rights of LGBT+ individuals, long before it was 'cool' to do so. Naming her first-born after one of Malta's most iconic gay men would really seal the deal.

Spin Gif

4. Harry

What better name for Malta's royal baby than one shared by a real-life Prince Charming? He's cute, fun, and we're also quite sure he loves Eurovision too! It's a perfect match.

Prince Harry Gif

5. Philip James

The combined first names of the two men who helped catapult Ira to fame, Philip Vella and Gerrard James Borg wrote the smash hit 7th Wonder, which saw a young Ira place second in 2002's Eurovision Song Contest.

7Th Wonder

6. Shaun

Like Sean, but not - a genius solution that avoids having any 'Jr.'s or 'II's tacked on the end of her baby's name from day one.

Deal With It

7. Walker

Get it - cause of 'Walk on Water'? It's the perfect way to tie in this year's Eurovision legacy, without dooming the child to a lifetime of name-teasing.

Good One Gif

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