9 Catcalls Maltese Women Are Tired Of Hearing

*Graphic content ahead*


Malta, a nation known for its poise and formality - psych! Catcalling women who walk by is still very much a thing that happens here in Malta, and although some argue they have days where they hate it, and others where they love it - the bottom line remains that as with everything else we do, our choice of words is always... unique.

1. Aw koxxa

Head Bang

Translation: Hey thigh!

Apparently finding this part of the body so appealing that they have to shout out exactly what they like from across the street. Who needs a name when you can call me a limb.

2. Aw Lilly


Translation: Hey flower (specifically a lilly - shocker).

Even though they are calling women an exotic flower, the way it's verbalised tends to diminish any sense of affection.

3. Dak is-sorm!


Translation: #DatAss

When the booty is too hot to handle, you've gotta express yourself in as disgusting a way as possible.

4. Aw flower


A variation of the ‘Aw Lilly’, but this time a bit more generic.

5. Xanna Sbejha?


Translation: What's up beautiful?

This sounds like a super compliment on paper, but when it's roared at you from a street away - it's not.

6. Aw slajs


Translation: Hi slice

Having no apparent meaning to it, this catcall confuses women more than anything else. #slajstaxiex

7. Jiena tasty


Translation: I'm tasty

You might be, but I'm certainly not taking a bite.

8. Aw zejza


Translation: Hey tit (yes, singular)

Jaqq, just… jaqq.

9. X’naghmillek

As If

Translation: The things I'd do to you...

You can try, but I promise you it will end very badly for you.

What other catcalls have you heard? Tag a friend who's always getting yelled at, or send us a Snap of your favourite lines!

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