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Some fun phrases to add colour to your stories

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We all know that Maltese is an extremely colourful language, but some of the technicalities are often lost on us. Since there are many ways to combine words to mean different things (usually insults), the online collection of user-created definitions, Urban Dictionary, has provided a stream of Maltese words we need to start including in our vocabulary.

Adele Swear

1. For the romantics out there

Hanzir Ud

2. We're all about the abbrevs #HLT

Hafna Liba Ttir Ud

3. It's all fun and games till someone loses a testicle

Wegu Ud

4. Well...ok then.

Znitter Ud

5. Is anyone going to tell them? No? Ok cool.

Liba Ud

6. Once again, all about that #AbbrevLife

Pes Ud

7. Summer Vibes


8. An interesting take on our national anthem 

Anthem What Even Ud

9. A great gift for all occasions

Maltese Rings Ud

10. It's not Maltese till a saint is involved...

San Gejtanu Ud

11. ...and politics, of course

Mintoff Ud

12. Awks

Joseph Muscat Ud

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