Maltese Celebrities Without Teeth Is The Best Thing You'll See This Week

These are way funnier than they should be.

Ira No Teeth Final

We all like to believe that we're not really superficial people - but all that flies out of the window the second we see something stuck in someone's teeth. Well, if you thought a bit of broccoli was bad, imagine what losing all your pearly whites would look like.

We thought we'd save your imagination the hassle and show you what Maltese celebs would look like... without their teeth (and eyebrows - just for good measure).

1. Gianluca Bezzina 

Gianluca No Teeth Final

2. Moira Delia

Moira No Teeth Final

3. Ira Losco

Ira No Teeth Final

4. Peppi Azzopardi

Peppi No Teeth Final

5. Lawrence Gonzi

Gonzi No Teeth Final

6. Ben Camille

Ben No Teeth Final

7. Eileen Montesin

Eileen No Teeth Final

Which other celebs do you wanna see toothless? Tell us in the comments, and share this post with a friend who'll love it!

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Chucky Bartolo

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