7 Reasons John Bundy Deserves To Be PBS CEO

Seriously, who else deserves it more?

Bundy 2

Over-exposed Maltese 'personality' John Bundy has officially been accepted as the  CEO of our national TV station. There's a lot of rage about his new appointment but we can't possibly understand why. Nobody has been more qualified for the job in years.

1. His Facebook cover photos are works of art

Bundy 1

The photo featured above, as well as the article's featured image, have not been retouched in the slightest. That is in fact one of John Bundy's Facebook cover photos; a photo he picked, and edited himself, adding in a caption he probably thought was a stroke of genius. 

2. He's a Guinness World Record breaker 


Way back in December 1999, he presented a radio marathon for 51 hours straight, smashing the record at the time. He's never really been one who's lost for words, but now he has the award to prove it!

3. And his website introduction is perfectly scripted

John Bundy

The opening line for anyone visiting John Bundy's official page is: "Hi everyone, I am him, just him and nobody else. I am who I am and nothing will change that. You either like me or else you don't. If you like me it's good for you and me, if you don't then it's your problem."

4. He's tried his hand at being a musician

But some fatal choices killed this dream early (for example calling out the 'unpatriotic' people who speak English at 3:20).

5. He also had a modelling career that never quite got there

20130113040731101 001 Jpg1
Untitled Design 6

At least his Power Rangers audition seemed to fare better

6. But his best moments as a TV presenter are pure gold

Although if we're being completely honest, they're also kinda unprofessional.

7. And he clearly knows everything that's wrong with the country.

Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse. The irony is almost too much to handle.

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