The Smartest Reactions To Our Interview With Simon Busuttil

That's some thought provoking stuff right there.

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You've watched the interview, but did you follow the comments? There were some gems. 

Supporters of both parties somehow managed to instantly focus on the important issues. 

The intellect was impressive, especially because it hadn't been seen with our Joseph Muscat interview, both of which were carried out in English at the request of Lovin Malta to cater for our non-Maltese speaking audience. 

1. So first there was this beauty...

Mela Insejtu

2. And another, criticising Simon for speaking English...

Mela Insejtu 2

3. So someone decided to step in and 'defend' him

Jghawweg 2

4. But this guy wasn't having any of it

It Tnejn Ta

5. And so it went on...

She Showed Us

6. Somehow San Anton School got the blame. Or should we say, Joseph?

San Anton Obvs

7. Thankfully someone reminded us what education is all about


8. And it was back to this...

Back To This Then

9. At least one person pointed out the obvious

Hero We Need

So what do you make of this great debate? 

Why is language still a burning issue in Malta, and where do you stand? Tell us in the comments section! 

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