12 Terrible Maltese Tattoo Trends

Inked up in the worst possible way

Only God Can Judge Me

As tattoos become increasingly popular, we're seeing some incredible designs emerge - particularly from the local scene. But as some pieces of art shine, certain trends from our past make us gasp, and not in the good way. Here are some terrible tattoo trends we've seen over the past decades.

1. The Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross

We get it, you love Malta and you’re proud to be Maltese. But there’s no reason to stamp the Knights' cross on your arm, making sure no one mistakes you for an outsider or something!


2. Chinese Lettering

Chinese Letters

It’s lovely not knowing if you have the inspirational quote you wanted, or the word "wontons and chicken soup", inked on your body... forever.

Dont Speak Chinese

3. Butterflies


Some might have had a deeper meaning to their design, but most probably don't. Flutter away por favor.

4. Barbed wire

Barbed Wire Tattoo

Talk about looking tough and imposing! Good choice bruh.

5. Tramp Stamps

Tramp Stamp Bad

It's always nice to add a touch of class. No one wants to see a bad quote in a worse location.

6. Anchors

Anchor Tattoo

You are not a sailor, and that anchor isn’t remotely heavy enough to pull you down to earth. Also, anchor tattoos with "I refuse to sink" make absolutely no sense, as anchors are literally designed to hit the seabed as fast and hard as possible.

7. Infinity symbols


Do you do yoga too? You're so deep and in touch with the universe.


8. Crosses

Strowng Jesusss

Nothing says "devoted Catholic" quite like a skewed portrait of Jesus on your forearm!

Jesus Christ

9. Tribal tattoos


Seeing as you're (most likely) not a member of a real tribe, congrats on having some squiggly lines drawn on you.

10. Boyfriend/Girlfriend name

Boyfriend Tattoo

If you ever break up, you’ll regret it. But right now who cares, you’re young, wild and free right?

11. Bows on the back of your thighs

Bows Tattoo

You're like a little gift ready to be unwrapped. Now, let's just hope we've kept the receipt... 

Cant Even

12. Only God can judge me

Only God Can Judge Me

I mean, I think these tattoos instantly prove themselves wrong, don't you?

I Volunteer

Which tattoo trend really bugs you? Let us know in the comments on Facebook, or send us a Snap telling us which one you hate most!

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