5 Amazing Tattoo Artists In Malta

Thinking of getting inked this summer?

Tattoo Feature Photo

Summer’s pretty much on our doorstep and along with the uneven tans and constant ice cream cravings, one thing you can count on is people showing off their ink. You’ll be seeing plenty of 90s era barbed wire tattoos and a few ill-advised tramp stamps as jumpers give way to tank tops and trousers turn to shorts.

Luckily we will also be seeing some genuine masterpieces, many of which have been inked by local artists. These are some our favourite tattoo artists, who work in a variety of styles and who will create something you'll be proud to show off. 

Guy Lee

Lee, working out of his studio in Mellieha, specializes in traditional motifs, resurrecting the vintage style that has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. He also creates tattoos, often symmetrical shapes like mandalas, using a handpoking technique, which uses a handheld needle instead of an electric machine.

Rebecca Bonaci

You may know Bonaci’s name from her helmet customization business, Custom Lids. She’s taken her incredible style from the world of personal safety to the one of personal adornment. At Oddity tattoo studio, Bonaci specializes in monochrome line drawings and marries the accuracy of anatomical diagrams with an unmistakable personal style. Stunning work. 

Martin Gafa

Gafa also works at the Oddity studio in Ghaxaq and has an equally impressive portfolio. He applies his inimitable style to a variety of subjects, in both colour and black and white, and makes some pretty amazing sketches, some of which end up under clients’ skin.

Charlot Seychell

If you’re looking for a lifelike image such as a portrait, this is the artist for you. Seychell, who works at Blossoms and Blades tattoo studio, has an eye for detail and produces beautifully balanced images, both in monochrome and in colour. 

Matthew Agius

Another expert at portraiture, Agius works his magic to produce incredible artwork, often on a large scale and with a mind-blowing attention to detail. You can find him at Skin Label in Paola. 

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