9 Things Every Mother Does During The Festa

Lord knows she's prepped for every occasion

The Festa Is Coming

Festi in Malta are a huge deal - love them or hate them they're an integral part of the Maltese summer experience. Some love the fireworks, others the processions... but what Maltese mothers love (to hate) is the amount of extra work they have to do in that week, and here's why:

1. She'll scrub every corner of the house

Whip out the ladders ladies and gents, it's time to get those chandeliers and faċċata.

Spongebob Cleaning

2. She'll go on a hunt for a new tibdila for the festa

Is one enough or does she need a new one for each day? Either way - it's time to buy some frilly dresses!

Let It Go Gif

3. She'll desperately try to book all the hair appointments in time

The daily up-style is a must. Problems arise when everyone goes to the same hairdresser tar-raħal, ending with most of them having the same up-style.

Jlo Hair

4. She'll prepare the world's largest trifle

"Heqq, u jekk jiġu l-kuġini x'ħa nagħmel? "


5. And she'll bring out the festa cutlery, plates and linen

Cause we wouldn't be caught dead serving the people who drop by food on the regular plates.

Be Our Guest

6. She'll get everyone to help decorate the faċċata 

Before crossing the street and spending the rest of the day admiring the flags, liedna and pavaljuni, discussing them with everyone who walks past.

Proud Gif

7. She'll talk about the fireworks as though she had a direct hand in making them

Ok, so maybe it's not just mothers who are guilty of this one. We've all found ourselves saying "kemm nagħmluhom sbieħ hux!"


8. She'll prep your old, torn slipper - the ones you only wear 'għal-marċ'

There's no way she's gonna let you get your good shoes beer-soaked!

Old Shoes

9. She'll leave the door open and the antiporta spotless all week

The perfect week to show everyone what a nice house we have!

Door Gif

Bonus: She'll bake the biggest (and best) lasagna ever

Because she know nothing satisfies her (rather drunk) family after the marċ quite like momma's homemade lasagna. Sure she'll try to wash it down with endless comments about us needing to grow up and act our age - but deep down she loves having all the family together for the occasion.


What other things does your mother do during the festa? Let us know in the comments on Facebook, and tag your mum if she's guilty of any of these!

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