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6 Reasons Why You Should Try Staying Sober In Paceville

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Malta’s bustling nightlife is most prominent in the waterfront towns of St. Julian’s and Paceville, with both coming alive with music, dancing, sex, drugs, drunken escapades and enough people to fill a stadium after the sun does down… and often until after it comes back up.

And while the majority of people you bump into on your #NightOnTheTown will almost definitely be under the influence of one thing or the other, have you ever tried spending the whole night… sober? *gasp*

And no; this isn’t some anti-alcohol propaganda. It’s just the opinion of one of the ten 18-year-olds who aren’t sold on the sour buzz that only downing 17 tequila shots can give.

So without further ado, here’s why I think being sober is extremely underrated.

1. You still feel lighter than normal

One of the main attractions of drinking is the unrestrained feeling that many people experience. And while yes, a lack of soul-crushing insecurity and social anxiousness sounds great, being surrounded by a bunch of elated and often hyper people makes you a lot more likely to let loose a little anyway.

So picture this: you’re out having a blast with friends, feeling significantly less stressed than you have all week and with the peace of mind that you can wake up tomorrow without feeling like death reached up and dug its claws into your brain.

2. The power to embarrass

As one of the only sober people, it is your duty to make sure that you remember everything that happens so you can make fun of your friends for it afterwards.

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that you should put people into embarrassing situations, because that would be very wrong. Don’t do that. But what you can do is remind them of the drunken antics they put themselves into.

3. Counterpoint: become the #Mum

They’ve started doing the thing, haven’t they?

The dangerously stupid or ridiculously irresponsible thing that they really shouldn’t do? Okay, okay time to step up and make sure that they don’t actually hurt themselves or others. To quote a fantastic speaker, with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t fuck it up! But at least you can laugh about the fact that they almost did the thing next time you see them.

4. Laugh with strangers

Drunk people are remarkably social creatures who somehow manage to dance and (sort of) converse with perfect strangers, so when one comes up to you and asks what you’re drinking, let them know that you’re going sober for the night and watch the magic happen.

It won’t be long before they’re trying to convince you to have a drink, or sharing the fact that you’re sober with their group of friends. Oh, and if there happens to be another #Mum in the group, they will try to look after you by making sure that you aren’t dying of thirst and don’t need water.

Hint: if you carry around a soft drink, people will be less inclined to ask why you’re going alcohol free for the night.

5. No transport trouble

I’m sure we can all agree that public transport in Malta is not the best, and taxis are usually quite overpriced, so being able to drive yourself home removes a massive headache.

Be a good friend and give your more wasted friends a lift as well; they’ll thank you for in the morning… if they can remember how they got home.

6. And let’s not forget the best part of being sober… the day after

The best part about not drinking, apart from the obvious health benefits that no one cares about, is… NO HANGOVERS!

Headaches? None. Throwing up? Gone. Memories? Intact! Imagine having an absolutely amazing time till all the hours of the morning and then waking up without the feeling of impending doom and and self-disgust. Doesn’t that sound great?

Okay, the feeling of impending doom may still be there, but at least it won’t be exaggerated by your alcoholic tendencies.

Featured Image Photo by Heini Samuelse

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