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9 Solid Reasons To Attend Malta’s Pride March This Afternoon

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Malta’s 2018 Pride March is finally here!

Today’s event is set to be the biggest celebration of LGBT+ rights in Malta’s history, with more people heading to Valletta this afternoon to express themselves and show their support for equal rights than ever before.

With Maltese law on equal rights being some of the most progressive in the world, one might wonder why we still need to celebrate Pride in 2018.

Though Malta’s LGBT+ legislation might be miles ahead of most other countries, there is still a lot of progress that needs to be done, and one of the ways to move the country forward is to get out there and make your voice heard and shine a spotlight on the community.

With that said, here are nine solid reasons you need to attend Malta’s Pride March today at 4:30pm in Valletta.

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1. To remind the world that no-one should ever be afraid to be themselves

Just by attending Pride, you are sending the message that no-one should ever be afraid to shine in their brightest colours – and outshine everyone else as they do so.

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Pictured: Photos of previous Malta Pride Marches

2. And you’ll be supporting friends you don’t even know are gay

You’ll be reminding your friends and family that, whether they’ve come out or not, you support their right to be themselves, and love them unconditionally.

It’ll mean the world to them to know you attended Pride out of principle, and not just because you’re their friend (even though that’s cute as well).

3. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate how far Malta has come in just a few years

And ensure these rights are never taken for granted again.

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4. And to send a message to other strongly religious countries that pride and faith are not mutually exclusive

The stronger Malta Pride March is, the more hope it can give to communities who feel oppressed and scared to do something similar in their countries.

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5. To embrace the diversity, beauty and fun of the LGBT+ community and its allies

Is there a funner and more exciting party than a full-on LGBT+ street party? I think not.

6. You will realise you can find support in the most unexpected shapes and forms

You’ll soon realise there’s more support than you could have ever imagined, especially when you see Mr Bugeja from Form 4 Chemistry casually waving a rainbow flag while wearing a RuPaul shirt, hand in hand with his wife.

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7. To remind everyone in Malta that the right to protest is sacred and should never be met with a violent or aggressive response

Often times, Maltese people take the right to express themselves for granted.

It’s easier to be silenced and ostracised for what you are than many people could imagine, even in a modern society like Malta’s.

8. In memory of previous Pride marches in Malta where only a handful of people showed up and it was a much less popular thing to do

To those who marched before us, we salute you.

9. It’s going to be the biggest ever

Like seriously, get your ass down here and celebrate equal rights with us this afternoon!


Tag someone who needs to attend Malta Pride March with you today!

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