Another Paceville Icon Is Shutting Its Doors

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As if 2016 hadn't fucked the world over enough, it's now claimed another Maltese victim: De Olde Keg. The 10-year-old Paceville bar, a cult favourite among beer drinkers and live music connoisseurs, is calling it quits. And fans are obviously raging

The news was announced on the bar's public Facebook group. Keg assistant manager Neil Tabone said he won't be giving reasons for the closure, so people could just believe their own "conspiracy theories".


"Damn chemtrail lizard people"

And right on cue, a number of Kegulars volunteered their own amazing conspiracy theories. "Damn chemtrail lizard people," said one. "Trump did it," said another. A couple of others did it our way and just blamed 2016, as is tradition in 2016. 

One Facebook fan reminded everyone of the other major bar victim of 2016: Coconut Grove. "There's nowhere else great to stay," she said. "RIP PV," said another. 


Fuck you muchly indeed 2016...we're officially ready for the New Year now.

What's your best memory of De Olde Keg? Share it in the comments and tag someone who remembers De good Olde Keg days!

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