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Traffic and construction; two issues that are single-handedly responsible for the majority of eye-rolls in Malta (bar political discussions, of course).

But what if we were to merge the two, and spawn a fun way to beat the boredom of the former, and the indifference about the latter?

Get ready for #QuackCocrane

The Rules:

The game is simple. Every time you see one of Malta's infamous construction cranes, you quack. Yes, quack like the ducks back at that one over-eager man's farm.

How to play

1. While walking, driving, or taking the bus anywhere, keep your eyes peeled for a towering crane.

2. As soon as you spot one, you have to quack like a duck.

3. You and your buddies/opponents will race to be the first to quack and the person who's fastest wins the point.

4. The next crane you see, the race starts all over again. 

5. To win the following rounds, you need to quack as many times as you've seen cranes. So if you're on your third sighting, it's *quack* *quack* *quack* to win.

The mystery of it all

Half the fun of the game is playing it around someone who has literally no clue what is going on. To this person, their friends/family have literally lost their minds and are belligerently quacking at random intervals.

Duck Glasses

Keep it mysterious

How to win

There's no real way to win this game (bar the bragging rights that come with being the Quack King/Queen of the journey). 

On the other hand, if you're in the vehicle when a person who doesn't know the rules figures it out - you should probably call that a loss.


If you wanna be a little fancy, try some of the twists below

Fun Twists:

When not playing with the driver

Turn this into an alternative game of "yellow car" and pinch your opponents as you quack. Live that authentic angry duck life.

When alone on a bus

Don't have any bus buddies to play this with? Play the game alone, with the challenge being you need to quack a little bit louder with each new crane you see.

Male Mallard Duck 2

A lonesome duck, just like you

If you do play this game, film it, upload it, and use #QuackCocrane

Tag a buddy who'll join in the fun, and start plotting who you're gonna leave in the dark!

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