YouTube Crane Climber Responds: 'The Guy Just Wanted To Show Me His Ducks'

The reaction video is here

A young YouTuber who made headlines in Malta after he climbed a crane to take a selfie has responded to a flood of online comments. For the record, he's been called a "stupid asshole", a "tosser" and a "dead shit". But in his response video he just has a good laugh about it.

The spectacled daredevil, who goes by the username Just_Somebody, also responded to another part of the video which caught the attention of many people online. Before he climbed the crane, a seemingly elderly man in a pick-up truck drove by him and offered to take him to his farm to see his ducks.

Many people were outraged by what seemed to be a creepy invitation but the young YouTube star wasn't fussed.

"The guy just wanted to show me his ducks. What's wrong with a duck?," he said, before quacking that exact lame-pun joke. 

His response video ended with an appeal for people to just be themselves and follow their dreams. And a caution not to climb cranes. Fairplay.

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Chris Peregin